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need to support and encourage the sustainable development of education for the children and empowerment of women

Our Vision

Purbanchal Ngo goals for social welfare, educational upliftment and healthcare nicely being of vintage, youngsters, girls, needy, Poor, orphan, destitute, deaf, dumb and blind.
It strives closer to better living standards, good enough nutrients and freedom from any form of abuse or exploitation, proper to schooling, social protection and for that reason selling higher socio-monetary requirements to the society.

Our Mision

To keep and offer a sustainable environment for healthful moms, kids and families with the aid of providing Nutrition, Education and Counselling.

Our Values

To facilitate the advent of an atmosphere for children to flourish inside their adoptive and start families, with the aid of leveraging our revel in in the areas of circle of relatives maintenance & strengthening.

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