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PURBANCHAL ARTHA SAMAJIK UNNAYAN SAMITI(PASUS) NGO improve the lives of youngsters through better instruction, medicinal services, and monetary chances, just as giving crisis help in cataclysmic events and different clashes. We give strong wellbeing and nourishment advantages to the youngsters originating from the most poor families. All kids reserve the option to a sound, cheerful and satisfying life. Give Money and Support Charity to Keep youngsters safe and free from hurt. You can likewise give online to help a Child Protection Program.


“The life of a man consists not in seeing visions and in dreaming dreams, but in active charity and in willing service”

Our Services

Youth Career Foundation

To impart and supply support to kids who are faculty going and providing higher stages. Every yr a certain amount of Scholarship have to be given primarily based on benefit performance choice.

Women Upliftment

Women empowerment may be very important to make the intense future of the own family, society and u . S .. Women want clean and extra succesful surroundings so we can take their very own proper choices in each location whether for themselves, family, society or united states.

Rural Sustainable Development

Over the closing years, rural pastime or farming has confronted several hurdles as regards development and evolution. The generational switch is one of the problems, even though no longer the simplest one or the most severe.

Health Treatment Service

While the wellbeing measurements of country India keep on being poor, the wellbeing status and access to wellbeing for the poor in urban ghetto inhabitants has surfaced to be similarly lamentable and have under 4% of government essential medicinal services offices.

Child Education

Education is a toddler right, youngsters ought to get right schooling. We’re trying to make children to move to highschool by using our Child Education Awareness programme. India has over 3 million kids living on the streets? What happens when in spite of having a country wide coverage for obligatory number one education, most effective 50% of children have get right of entry to to schooling?

Food Donation

We are organizing food donation camp for the children who doesn’t get meals daily. Due to the subsequent motives we suggest to anybody to donate money and conduct food donation camp for the negative kids. More kids beneath the age of 5 die in India than anywhere else within the international. A recent estimate places this figure at over 1.5 million kids a 12 months—over 4,500 infant deaths a day. 

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